I am Miitxya from the Fulni-ô ethnicity, located in Águas Belas, Pernambuco, Brazil. I live in my tribe where there are about 7,000 indigenous people. I am the child of two Fulni-ô indigenous parents. At my tribe we speak our native language, IATHÊ. I have 5 children and 13 siblings. I work in craftsmanship, which is a source of survival for us. I travel from my village to big cities like a tribal ambassador, carrying our traditional medicines, selling handicrafts, performing in schools, and participating in cultural events, among other activities. I work with groups in the village that mobilize to help our families. We always need the help of our brothers and sisters.

I was born and raised within my ethnicity, and since I was young, I have been working with Jurema medicine (Mimosa hostilis that contains DMT) within the Fulnio culture and ritual. I have learned to used the medicinal herbs, and crafts, always aiming for that spiritual connection with the Great Spirit.

My childhood was spent hunting, dancing, and painting. I have always lived in my tribe, practicing our traditions. I am always with my family in the tribe, where we are always together, strengthening our culture and tradition. We spend 3 months in the forest performing our rituals, being able to strengthen our culture.

I am someone who travels to big cities, spreading our culture. I am a missionary of the Fulnio culture in Brazil and in the world. I have been on this journey since 2009 when I started leave the village for 2 months every year to go to the big cities around Brazil to share about the culture, songs, crafts and rituals of my people.

My history with our medicine goes back to my mother’s womb, always bathed with sacred herbs. Since I was 15, I have been involved in rituals, and at 23, I began the process of conducting ceremonies. We have traditions with herbs, knowledge passed down orally, focusing on spiritual balance, for inner peace, inner love. We pray a lot for the world, especially in our work with Jurema.

Future projects include welcoming more people from Brazil and abroad to come to the tribe, and share our knowledge about herbs, plants, rituals and the history of my people. Taking the history of my people abroad, which is very important to us. I want to help develop the village and bring visibility and exchange in the areas of education, culture, and science. I want to welcome more people to the tribe, for them to come and experience our culture.

It is my mission to share the Fulni-ô culture to Brazil and to the world. My people are knowledge holders of de Jurema tradition in Brazil, and we are open to sharing our experiences and collaborate. Being able to attend the conference would allow us to make this connections, share knowledge and collaborate in future projects.

The Fulnio people is a native Brazilian ethnicity that exists before the Portuguese colonisation, and its known for its resistance against the effort of colonisation. Till the present moment we are actively strengthening our traditions, our language, and our right to exist as people. My work and advocacy focused on raising awareness about our people and what we have to share with the world. We as people are on a mission to work with our brothers and sisters, to bridge that gap, and share our knowledge about the Jurema medicine, which is sacred for us. Last year we received american students that came to study and learn about our culture and medicine we want to increase this exchange and we want to receive more scientist and students in the future

I participate in events all over Brazil, and I also organize cultural events in schools, showcasing our culture, language and medicine. I also receive people, Brazilians but also people from other countries, at my tribe, to have an immersive experience.

No, unfortunately the currency difference between Brazilian reals and euros are too great. Our main source of income is the selling of crafts. Those profits are designated to the development of the tribe. Without this scholarship I am not able to finance my attendance in the conference.

Are you ready to embark on the sacred path of Shamanic Healing?

Let the journey begin.

Central to Fulni-ô culture is their spiritual belief system, which revolves around a profound connection to nature and the Great Spirit. Guided by shamans and elders, they honor ancestral spirits and seek harmony with the natural elements that surround them. Rituals, ceremonies, and traditional dances are integral parts of their spiritual expression, weaving a sacred tapestry that binds past, present, and future.

Coming from a lineage of healers, Miitxya brings the ancestral rituals and culture of the Fulni-ô to offer individual or group healing sessions.  In his rituals, Miitxya uses various shamanic crafts from his people, incense burners with the Xandica, the traditional pipe, as well as sacred herbs from his land.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing with Shamanic Wisdom. Release the burdens of the past, awaken dormant potentials, and step into the radiant light of your true essence. Embrace harmony, reclaim vitality, and unlock the infinite possibilities that lie within.